Student Questionnaire 1 (Pre-)


This is aimed at collecting information for enhancing teaching methodology of TA and for upgrading effective chemistry instruction related to laboratory experiment. You do not put your name on this form. Please, fill a mark in the square.


Knowledge-based Statements.

: Does your TA.. or Is your TA...

_ Grades lab reports correctly and fairly

_ Well prepared for lab

_ Thoroughly understands the lab exercise

_ Help students understand what is going on in the lab

_ Listen carefully and tries to understand student's problems

_ Gives feeback on lab reports that is helpful

_ Makes students aware of safety issues

_Explains and demonstrates the necessary lab techniques.


Affective Domain Statements

:Does your TA ..or Is your TA....

_ Shows respect for students

_ Available for help outside the lab (E-mail or telephone)

_ Genuinely concerned with student's progress in the lab

_ Warm and friendly

_ Enthusiastic about teaching the lab

_ Motivates students to do their best in the lab

_ Encourages students to ask questions or express opinions


Statements related to Experiment

_ The scope and difficulty level of the experiment thasks are at a level

_ The difficulty level of what is taught in lab class is at a level.

_ There are enough apparatus, instruments, and glassware to perform your experiment. Also

   the instruments are working properly.

_ The lab manual has easy-to-follow procedures and well organized.


Language (Only for Internation Students or student in English Class)

_ Your TA is running the lab class in ( Englis,  Korean, Both of them)

_ Do you have some problems in communicating with your TA or some difficulties in understanding

  laboratory experiment relating to language?


Please, say if your would like to address any concerns expressed below.

1) Comment on lab class

2) Comment on lab manual

3) Comment on TA

4) Other Comments



TA Evaluation Questionnaire 2


Directions: Please, indicate your response to items by choosing one of the following categories (Strongly agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly disagree, and Not applicable). Mark only one answer for each item.


_ Your TA graded lab reports and quizzes correctly, fairly, and strictly.

_ Your TA understood thoroughly the experiments.

_ Your TA was familiar with the use of equipment and well prepared for the lab.

_ Your TA always arrived early in the lab

_ Your TA explained and demonstrated the necessary lab techniques.

_ Your TA checjed over lab report carefully and provided constructive feeback.

_ Your TA always made students aware of safety issues during the lab.

_ Your TA returned lab report (or assignments) within a reasonable amount of time (about 1 week).

_ Your TA was enthusiatic about teaching in the lab.

_ Your TA concerned about student's progress in the course

_ Your TA motivated students to do their best.

_ Your TA provided helpful answers to student's questions.

_ Your TA encourages students to discuss or ask question in the lab.

_ Your TA (or this course) enhaced student's abilities to develop the skills necessary to obtain and    evaluate a reliable result, to be able to draw conclusions, and to learn to communicate the results    critically and knowledgeably.

_ Your TA often made students reduce the experimental procedures during the lab, or omit some    parts on lab report or its submission after the lab in his discretion.

_ You had difficulty in understanding your TA's spoken language.

  We welcome any suggestions on your TA, lab manual, and this course. Please, write down your    opinions here.